Online Test
This facility delivers the benefits of world-grade Online Testing and Analytics to educational institutes and coaching classes of all streams.

There is no other online testing service in the market that can match Edmission in terms of quality and up-to-date content. Adaptive Technology ensures on-going mapping of test levels to student’s evolving performance.


The portal offers the following
  • Ready-to-take online practice tests for CMAT, GRE, GMAT, SAT, IT sector Recruitment tests, Banking, Railways, and many more.
  • An on-going online platform to load tests for your students.
  • One-stop education technology solution provider across streams.
  • Quality of online testing and methodology
  • Customised solutions available for loading your content on our online testing portal.


  1. In-depth analysis of performance
    • Categorical feedback on students’ performance, section-wise and topic-wise.
    • Analysis of student test-taking psychology and impact on performance.
    • Analysis available to institution, per student, per batch, and percentile ranking in city.
  2. Separate dashboards for institute/faculty and students Institute/faculty dashboard:
    • Student listing, session details.
    • Comparative performance within a batch.
    • Comparative performance between batches.
    • Success projections.
    • Package and payment details.
  3. Student dashboard:
    • Test centre.
    • Performance analysis and projections.
    • Booster tests for specific area improvements.
    • Doubt-solving forum.
    • Learning app store and accessories.
  4. Prominent display of your brand name
    • Partnership model with colleges/coaching classes to increase their brand value.
    • All our products will prominently feature your brand name on student testing screens.
    • Customised design, layout and colour schemes to impart a distinct look to your testing page.
  5. Your Content, Our Platform.
    • We offer colleges and coaching classes the option of uploading their own content on our platform for use by their students. If desired, we will also customise the same to your requirements.
  6. Tablet and Phablet solutions
    • We offer colleges and coaching classes a comprehensive facility for online testing and lectures/sessions on tablets and phablets.