At Edmission, we fully understand the importance and power of Education and more importantly the true nature of that Education. Today, India has made strides in Education and thanks to the good work by the Government, a large part of the country has been covered under the blanket of education as there are government and public schools even in remote villages. However the quality of the education is far from optimal. There is poor segregation of children, and many of the students cannot even read and write properly. The content levels of the teachings are non-standardized and low.

In keeping with our own core competency, we have consciously decided to keep the main focus of our outreach and CSR as education focused. To this end we are involved with SEENCH (Society for Education Empowerment and Nutrition for Children), India.

We have joined hands with SEENCH in their goal to provide more depth and value to the existing education system for children from the rural back-of-beyond. The SEENCH initiatives include providing teaching support to Government school teachers, providing children with free books, stationery, making arrangements for school bus facilities, nutritive meal plans, supplementary coaching classes, as well as catering to psychological development through counseling.

SEENCH has been doing this exemplary work in the Karjat District of Maharashtra. This is a fairly new initiative and was started as a one day trip by a bunch of young bankers 5 years ago. Today that initiative has grown to become a small but mature organization that covers half a dozen schools and helps over 250 students a year. In their endeavor to spread this good work, they have partnered with leading NGO agencies like PRATHAM, SWADHA and CAP to bring in expertise where required.

Edmission tries and supports this venture monetarily through donations, by providing volunteers and doing administrative support. We also have plans to use our core knowledge base and strengthen the educational content for these children. We hope to continue to leverage our own expertise, and work closely with organizations like SEENCH to explore novel and reliable systems of teaching, skewed towards rural children of the lowest socio-economic backgrounds.

And while we continue to lead the way in the Education sector as an organization we feel it is important to give back some of that to Society and are doing our bit for a better future for all.