Classroom Aids
We have developed a number of teaching aids to enliven classroom proceedings. In addition to carefully calibrated Course Flow, we develop Instructor Notes, In-class PPTs, Caselets and Quizzes to break the monotony.
In-Class Powerpoint
Powerpoint presentations are extensively used in business. Globally it is considered the easiest and most effective mode of teaching. We create customised PPTs as per specific requirements... Session-wise or topic-wise.
Lectures can become extremely dreary and heavy for students to handle. To break the monotony, we develop caselets or mini-cases.

These caselets aid comprehension of the concept being taught, from a real-world perspective, stirring imaginations and encouraging discussions and interaction between student and faculty.
Instructor Notes
Teaching is the pivot upon which education revolves.

We offer elaborate instructor notes which guide the instructor, session-wise, on how a module has to be delivered within the specified duration. Instructor notes go a long way in not just improving learning dynamics, but enhancing the instructor’s experience as well.